Job Aid #2 How to Add a Voice Over Track to Prezi

How to Add a Voice Over Track Using Prezi

Important Information before adding Voice Over to Tracks in a Prezi:

-Your sounds must be pre-recorded and saved in a file on your computer or memory device that can be easily obtained.

-Sounds, such as a speech, cannot be made to flow throughout an entire Prezi presentation at this time. Sound can only be attached to each individual track. If a user wishes to continue a single sound from one track to the next, they must split the sound between the tracks.

To begin, you will want to have the browser of your choice open to

Step 1 Please log in to Prezi and choose which presentation you would like to add the Voice Over Track.
Step 2 Choose ‘Edit’ in the lower toolbar menu of your Prezi presentation.1
Step 3 From the list of frames to the left, click on the frame you want to add audio to and your Prezi will zoom in to this track. Click on ‘Insert’ in the top toolbar then select the Music Note that reads “Replace Voice-over on Path Step #…”2
Step 4 You will be prompted to choose which file you want to upload. As per the note above, choose from your own musical sources-I used an Adele song from my iTunes library-to upload to

Frame #2 of my Prezi. You can also choose music from your computer files to upload to a Frame in your Prezi.  3

Step 5 When you have chosen which audio to upload, you will see to the left a box letting you know Prezi is working on adding the sound to your Frame.4
Step 6 If you accidently add the wrong audio to your frame, right click on the frame where a drop down menu will present and choose ‘Replace Voice-over on Path Step’
Step 7 That’s it! When you present, your audio will play automatically when the frame comes into focus. Use the ‘Play’ and ‘Mute’ buttons at the bottom of the screen to control the sound during your presentation.

User tested by: Debi Ellenburg


Blog #3 Creative Commons

1.) Creative Commons is a non-profit international organization that allows people to freely and safely license their art. The art could be in the form of a picture, drawing, speech, video, document, etc., and the person licensing is responsible for setting the regulations on sharing of individual works. The images found in Creative Commons differs greatly from Google images in that there are copyright laws embedded in the source that is readily available from Creative Commons.



A man looking over his shoulder at a woman who is looking back up a him. They are sitting almost back to back.

Does he know how much she loves him? SOURCE: “The Lovers” by Paul Kohler from licensed under Creative Commons.