Blog Post #6 Team Sound File

Here is a link to a Podbean podcast I found that is related to my project. It should link to a page named Classical Airs. The tab should open in Bruch, the 2nd movement of Violin Concerto in G minor Op. 26 Adagio.

Relating to my topic, the techniques the podcaster used was his information was clearly laid out for the viewer to find what music he or she wanted to find. Every link to music that was posted actually worked, which was a pleasant surprise seeing as six or seven Podcasts before this one all links were broken. This is something I must make sure of when I incorporate sound files in my project- that every link works as it should.

Here is a link to the Podcast I published on Podbean.

There are many affordances to using sound in your work.

  • Many software companies allow sound-overs to be added in a variety of ways in presentations and demonstrations.

~Prezi allows sound to be added over a track

~sound can be added to a PowerPoint slide

~Movie-Maker allows sound to be added to your movie

  • Working with sound files is quite easy. There may be a few extra steps in converting or saving a certain type of file from one to another but, working with the software (such as Audacity) is simple.
  • Sound allows the creator to send an emotional message to their listener that print cannot.
  • Sound can reach visually and hearing impaired listeners just as well as listeners that have no impairment.

The four ways sound affects us according to Julian Treasure:

  1. Physiological



  1. Psychological


~birds chirping

  1. Cognitively

~auditory input

~productivity decreases by 66% if bombarded with sound

  1. Behavioral

~move toward pleasant sounds and away from unpleasant sounds

Knowing this, I can make sure the sound files I use in my final project are clear as I can possibly get them. I do not want my listeners cringing or wanting to move away from unpleasant sounds. I can choose to put a sound file in my Multi-Modal Project that has a calm and steady rhythm to it that appeases to my listeners physiological ear and does not disrupting their brainwaves. I will keep in mind the powerful psychological affect music has on a listener. Hitting the mute button on a particularly sappy video can take much of the emotion out just by taking the music out. I will also make sure the music I choose to put in my Multi-Modal project is not a cacophony of sounds so dissonant it has the listener feeling confused.


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