Multimodal Project Outline

The Beautiful Evolution of the Violin

In my multimodal project plan, I intend on giving a brief history of the violin. I am going to focus more on the electric violin as it exists in popular music of today. I am choosing this topic because it is a classic instrument turned eclectic and this is awesome to me. Also, I played violin extensively when I was younger so my heart has been warmed to the instrument for a long time. In my paper, I hope to open other people’s eyes to the beauty of the violin, either in its traditional magnificence or it’s more exotic, stretched electric version more and more musicians are choosing to manipulate in their music.

I am going to show images of a traditional violin being crafted.


<Insert 2nd image of traditional violin being crafted-may or may not be from Creative Commons>


A Violin of the Ages 

I will be writing about different genres that use the violin in their music successfully from awesome rock bands like Metallica to funky alternative rock/pop outfits like Dave Matthews Band to Yanni’s mesmerizing piano and resonating country singers like Josh Turner. My audio clip will be of a classical piece that many students will probably have already heard. I will use it as a reminder/refresher of how beautiful and moving the sound of a violin can be. I haven’t decided if I am going to have the performer playing on an electric violin or a traditional violin. Probably traditional to keep with the mood.

<my own listening library-undecided on composer-I will edit the file using Audacity if need be>

I want to learn how musical engineers have been able to transpose the music from the body of the violin through wires to a sound system. This is very interesting to me and is something I hope to uncover and be able to share with my readers. I am going to find out who produced the first traditional and electric violin. There are no exacts for when and where the first traditional violin appeared, only musings. There are many historians who trace its beginnings to various peoples and lands. One such I have come across often is the Vielle, which originated in France. This instrument was designed with five strings across a flat bridge and pear-shaped body.

<Insert Video file of a modern band using violin in their music. Most likely, I am going to use Dave Matthews Band but, I may not.>

If so, I am going to take a clip from this YouTube video using one of the Job Aids posted on our WordPress sites.





SOURCES The History of the Violin by William Bartruff, 2014






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