Qatar’s Migrant Laborers Exploited and Dying

Qatar’s migrant labourers exploited and dying 

Qatar migrant laborers fully dressed for construction work, walking at a construction site

More than a hundred migrants from Qatar’s poorest neighboring countries are contracted to build Qatar’s 40,000 seat 2022 World Cup stadium. Although this host country will be spending $4bn on eight stadiums for the upcoming event and the Gulf Kingdom set to spend $225bn on 2022 World Cup productions, the men breaking sweat to build the structures are toiling under conditions of forced labor.

Breaches in work contracts abound; a man contracted to work for $230 a month, worked 64 hours overtime in April. With an average 48-hour week and $48.00 extra, his overtime rate was $0.75 an hour. Other payslips show work rates at $8.25 a day for 30 days. Workers confided they are not paid on time. Some have not been paid for months, some even a year.

Passports are being kept from migrant workers, an abuse of Qatar migrant labour sponsorship.

Middle Eastern desert heat isn’t the only struggle these migrants are enduring. Hundreds of families have received their men home dead from stadium construction accidents and traffic collisions. Some workers suffer heart failure and there are stories of suicide.

SOURCE: The Guardian, August, 2014, Qatar pays migrant workers as little as 75 cents an hour







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